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Friday, January 29, 2010

Free Samples of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max and Win a Year Supply of Diapers!

I was contacted today by Pampers to let me know about their new line of diaper called Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max. The new Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max helps lock wetness away up to 12 hours, making it their driest diaper ever! To celebrate the launch of the brand’s first-ever high performance diaper, Pampers has outfitted Team USA athletes and their families, with branded Team USA Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max as they head to Vancouver for the Olympic Winter Games.

Although these Team USA diapers will not hit the shelves until March, starting tomorrow morning January 29th parents everywhere will be able to request a free sample three-pack of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max on Pampers.com. If the sample sent includes a diaper stamped Team USA (randomly inserted in select sample packs), their baby will win a year’s supply of Pampers diapers! Make sure you request your sample early because I'm sure this will go really fast!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Smart! Reviews and Giveaway! (CLOSED)

I never heard of So Smart! until recently.I've seen the reviews from other blogs and I knew I wanted to try them for my daughters. I was so thrilled when I was given a chance to review their their DVDs.

So Smart! offers DVDs from babies through preschool age. I was given two DVDs to review for both my girls, Baby's First-Word Stories Pets and Baby's Beginnings Sight & Sounds.

Baby's First-Word Stories Pets DVD is designed for ages 1 and up which is perfect for Olivia (she's 2yrs old). The DVD is 30 minutes long, however, it's divided into 5 different stories (Hello Little Cat, My Pet Fish, Dee Dee's Dog, Where's the Frog?, and Iggy's Pet Friends)

About the DVD

In this DVD, So Smart! friends Edward, Iggy, Dee Dee and Larry will introduce your little one to simple words about pets, then build sentences and stories around them. A deliberately gentle pace, engaging imagery, and soothing music make So Smart! a winner for both children and parents.

I was surprise that Olivia actually sat and enjoyed watching it. The story is very slow pace. I like that sentences used are simple and often repeated. I also like that it encourages participation. At the end of each stories it ask what words they remember. I was amazed how Olivia knew and remembered all of them. She even knew all of the character's names after watching the DVD once. The animation is great. It is bright, simple and colorful. She also liked the music. When it ended, she wanted to see it again. I told her it's her sister's turn and she kept on saying "no mommy it's Libby's turn again."

The second DVD I was sent to review was the Baby's Beginnings Sight & Sounds. This DVD is designed for 6 months and up. It is also 30 minutes long and it is divided into four segments, Object that Build, Peek-a-Boo, Stimulating Patterns and Bright Bold Images.

About the DVD
This bright, bold animated DVD introduces simple shapes, moving patterns and familiar objects that encourages babies to laugh, "talk" and interact. Each scene is set to classical music including Bach, Beethoven and other great composers! A deliberately gentle pace, engaging imagery, and soothing music make So Smart! A winner of both children and parents.
Although Emma is only 3 months, she was glued to it. I sat her on her bouncer and she watched the whole thing! It reminds you to let the baby take a break each segments. But since Emma was not complaining, I did not paused it. Usually, she hates being on her bouncer and wants to be carried all the time. I think the music has a lot to do with it. It is very soothing and relaxing. Olivia did not mind watching it either. She loved the colors and moving shapes.

We love these DVDs and would love to own the whole collection! This would be a perfect gift for birthdays or any other occasions. Each DVDs come with bonus interactive storybook or printable activities (PC and MAC compatible) which I have not tried yet. Each DVDs retail for $15.99. They also offer multi-packs and gift sets to save you money. Aside from DVDs they also have Baby's Classical Music Cd's that are performed by live, world-class symphony orchestras.

Congratution #27 -maureen73


Thanks to So Smart! one of my readers will win the Baby's First-Word Stories Pets DVD.

Mandatory Entry ( It must be done before you can do any extra entries)

Visit So Smart! and comment below another DVD you would love to give to your little one aside from the one I reviewed.

Extra Entries

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Giveaway ends February 12. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you win. Winners will be chosen via random.org. The winners will receive an email notifying them that they won. If I do not receive a response within 48 hours , another winner will be selected.

Disclaimer: I received product samples mentioned above. NO other payment was given.

This is my honest opinion yours may be different.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: A finger to hold

Sometimes we need a hand to hold, but a finger seems to be enough for some.

ERGObaby Carrier Giveaway!

Rumination of a Twenty-Something Momma is giving away an ERGObaby Carrier to one of her readers. I'm so excited with this giveaway because I love to baby wear my daughter. I'm currently using Phat Baby Wrap. She loves to be carried in it. I do too because I feel even closer to her. I know she will soon out grow this wrap. I'm looking around for new carriers that I can use. ERGObaby Carrier is one of the carriers that I'm looking into getting because of its great reviews so winning this would be so awesome!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Link Your Giveaways Tuesday!

Link your Giveaways and don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Giveaway - 2 Winners!! Ends 2/5

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Review and Giveaway - 2 Winners!! (CLOSED)

Today I received two bottles of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce to try out. Since my husband does the cooking, I waited for him to come home for him to decide what he wanted to make with it. He had plenty of choices since Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce can be use for hamburger, steak, chicken, fries and barbecue. He decided to grill some T-bone steaks instead.

My husband loves to add sauce to anything he eats but me on the other hand, does not. I usually eat my steak with just salt and pepper...without steak sauce. I'm not a big fan of BBQ sauce either. I have not tasted a sauce that I really like. When I first tried Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce, I placed a small amount of sauce on my steak. I was afraid I was not going to like it. I figured if it was not good, I can still eat my steak since I only placed a little bit of sauce in it.

However, I was really surprise how much I really liked it. It has a sweet and tangy taste of a homemade sauce. It also has just the right amount of spice and thickness. It even smells really good! Even my daughter liked it. We all liked it so much that we finished half a bottle! I think I just found my favorite sauce!

Aside from the Original All Purpose Sauce I reviewed, they also have BBQ sauce, Seasoning Salt, and Spicy All Purpose Sauce.They also have tons of recipes on their websites. I can't wait to try their meatloaf recipe!

Two of you will win 2 bottles each of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.

Which recipes on their website you would love to try?


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Giveaway ends February 5. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you win. Winners will be chosen via random.org. The winners will receive an email notifying them that they won. If I do not receive a response within 48 hours , another winner will be selected.

Disclaimer: I received product samples mentioned above. NO other payment was given.
This is my honest opinion yours may be different.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I need a makeover!

It's a new year, and my blog needs a new look! Thank heavens, Angie at 5 Vinez Monkeys is giving away a new blog look to one lucky reader courtesy of her business, Angela Vinez Designs. You won't want to miss this giveaway! Stop by before 11:59pm ET on January 27th and enter to win!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Follow

Friday Follow

One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families and Midday Escapades is hosting a new event called Friday Follow. I think this is such a great idea to find other new blogs, get to know new friends and at the same time gain new followers. You just basically add your blog to their linky and follow other blogs. This is their second week doing this event but it is my first time participating.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mrs. Smith Diaper Bag Review

I have been looking for the perfect diaper bag. I've own quite a few, actually I owned many, from different styles, colors, and sizes. I love my Skip and Hop diaper bag, but after having two kids it is just not big enough. I needed a bag that is big enough to carry the things I need for a 3 month old and 2 years old.

That is why I was so happy when I won a Mrs. Smith Diaper Bag by Whoda Thought. I have seen the reviews from other blogs and I knew this is what I have been looking for. This bag is now my favorite diaper bag. I picked the pink polka dots color and it is beautiful. It actually looks better in person than from the pictures in their site.

I took this bag out for the first time to the mall. You could not believe how much stuff I was able to put in this bag
  • 2 Born Free Bottles
  • (2) 8oz ready to feed similac bottle
  • receiving blanket(I use it for burping)
  • burp cloth
  • bib
  • onesies
  • bodysuit
  • Baby Phat Wrap (which by the way not very thin)
  • wipes
  • 6 diapers (two size 5 and four size 2)
  • juice box
  • snacks
  • pacifiers
  • my wallet
  • SLR Canon (my huge camera!)
And after all those stuff I still had plenty of space! I did not even put anything in the outside pockets and had plenty more space in the bottom! I know any huge diaper bag can store all the things I mentioned. But that is not why I love this bag. This bag does not look huge at all. It doesn't make you feel like you are carrying a suitcase. It is very well designed with plenty of storage.
  • Two side pockets and 2 side bottle holder
  • Three insulated bottle and sippy cup holders.
  • Bottom storage. It reminds me of a drawer. This is great for little things you can put such as pacifiers and toys.
  • Full Size washable changing pad (HUGE!! LOVE IT!)
  • Three additional pockets (2 inside and 1 in the back)
My favorite is the bottom storage. I no longer dig inside when my daughter ask for her toys or snacks. My diaper bag has never been this organize until now. You can also convert this bag to a backpack very easily. However, I prefer carrying it as a messenger bag. It comes in six different colors. My other favorite is the copper color!

I was not paid or sent an item. I personally won the item above from a giveaway blog.

No time...

I have been doing the Project 365 for two weeks now. I was posting it here and on flickr. It has become very time consuming uploading pictures twice so I have decided to no longer post it here. I will continue post in on flickr. To be honest, there are days that I do not feel like taking pictures and I feel like giving up.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rite Aid Pampers Deals

Rite Aid has a P&G Olympic Visa Rewards Rebate.
PURCHASES FROM 01/17/10 to 02/13/10.
FREE Visa Reward Card After Rebate.
Pampers happened to be a P&G Brand. To get a good deal you have to have 5 $2 off Pampers Coupon from 12/27 P&G insert (exp 1/31). I suggest buying ebay or the clippers. I myself do not buy that many newspaper. I'm lucky if I get to buy one!

First Transaction
Buy 2 Big Box of Pampers regular price 19.99 x 2 = 39.98
- $5 off $20 purchase Rite Aid coupon
-$4 off pampers coupon
= 29.98

Second Transaction
Repeat first transaction

Third transaction
Buy 1 box pampers = 19.99 + a small filler
- $5.00/$20.00 Video Values coupon GO HERE.
- $2 off pampers coupon
= $13

Total OOP = 72.96
Receive $ $35
=37.96 It's like paying $7.59 for a big box of pampers.

You can get a better deal for less that $30 for all 5 if you use the $5 off Video Values and do 5 transactions. But I'm not sure if you can print 5 times or you have to create 5 accounts. If you can't print 5 times then you have to watch it 5 times!

If you don't need all that diapers you can check out For the Mommas, she has some great scenarios for the P&G Deals.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Frigidaire Spin & Win

How would like to help a great cost and at the same time win some awesome prizes? Well, here is your chance. Frigidaire is once again teaming up with Jennifer Garner to support Save the Children's U.S. Programs which is dedicated to helping children living in poverty in the United States. They're giving away a prize every day in their new Spin & Win game.You can win gift cards for spending quality time with your kids. Hey you can even win a brand new Frigidaire Affinity washer and dryer, with time-saving features that give you more time for the important things in life such as spending time with your little ones!

And how are you helping a great cost? Evey time you play, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children, as part of their $250,000 commitment to support Save the Children's CHANGE program, dedicated to providing nutritious snacks and promoting healthier lifestyles for children living in poverty in the United States. So what are you waiting for? Go to www.MakeTimeForChange.com and win some prizes!

Emma's Ear Pierced

Emma had her ear pierced today. We had it done at the mall, the same place Olivia had hers done 2 years ago. We decided to go to the same place since we had a good experience there. A lot of you may think it is not safe or clean but it really is. I'm a nurse and I made sure it was properly done.We did not have a problem with infections when Olivia had her ear pierced done there and right now Emma's ears looks fine with no redness and she is not in any pain.

Daddy is holding her while it was being done. I just could not do it myself. In that picture, they were just marking her ears. She cried of course when her ears was pierced but right after she was fine. Actually she fell a sleep right after.

First Hair Cut!

I have been wanting to cut my daughter's hair. I was thinking of cutting it like Dora since she loves Dora so much but I was afraid how she would look like with hair that short. Last Saturday, I had my sister trimmed her hair. She only took about 2 inches to make it even and gave her bangs. I think she looks so cute with bangs...Don't you think so?

No More Pa-yer!

My daughter is 2 years old and she still use pacifiers. I tried a few times to stop her from using it, but after lots of crying and refusing to sleep and nap without it, I always gave in. I decided to give it another shot. I really think she is too old for "pa-yer" (what she calls it). Last Friday I hid all her pa-yers. When it was nap time she asked for it. I told her I can't find it. Her exact words was "oh no! It's gone! pa-yer gone mommy" I told her we are going to find it later after we nap. I really thought she was going to cry and refuse to nap but I was wrong. She napped that day with no problem with her 5 bears next to her. First thing I thought of was bedtime is not going to be that easy. But bedtime came and she slept without it. It has been 3 days and she has not asked for it! I don't know if I should be happy or worry!?!

I hope potty training will be that easy! I will soon potty train her. I just don't know how to start. Every time I ask her if she wants to pee-pee on a potty, she say's "NO THANKS!" Well at least she's polite!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Cottonelle Roll Poll - Are you Team Over or Team Under? Plus Giveaway!

Have you ever wondered what is the right way of placing a toilet paper on a holder? Should the roll be placed in the holder so that it rolls over or under? Are you Team Over or Team Under? In our home we are definitely TEAM OVER! You can place your vote at CottonelleRollPoll.com.

I'm writing this post to win a month's worth of Cottonelle toilet paper as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club. You can also win by leaving a comment below. You will be entered to win 1 of 10 Cottonelle gift baskets randomly chosen on January 29, 2010 from all entries.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wii Fit: First Week

This is my third day using the Wii Fit Plus and I'm really loving it. I have not lost any weight yet but that's ok it's only been a few days. I am 128 pounds and according to the "Wii Fit" I am 16 pounds overweight. It also says that I have a body of 46 years old! I am only 28 years old and I am already high risk for many cardiac problem. That really motivated me to lose weight and to be healthy. My goal is to lose 18 pounds within three months (110 lbs).

Wish me luck!

CVS $5 off $20 Purchase Coupon expires 1/16

There's another CVS $5 off coupon expires 1/16! I love getting these coupons. I use it to buy formulas which never or rarely goes on sale.

Project 365: Day 4

My brother's new camera!

Project 365: Day 3

Wearing all blue but still looks like a girl :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project 365: Day 1

(My first photo for project 365. I'm really hoping to make it all the way!)

Emma at 3 months. I entered this photo for Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby Search Contest.

Friday, January 8, 2010

CVS $5 off $20 Purchase Coupon expires 1/9

There's another CVS $5 off coupon but hurry it expires tomorrow! This should go well on their Huggies sales for $8.99 or you can use it to buy formula which never or rarely goes on sale.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Loves Hats!

Obsessed with wearing hats!

Project 365!

I have been wanting to start Project 365. If you haven't heard of it, it is when you take a picture a day for the whole year. I know I am a week late but I'm going to start anyway. Tomorrow I will post my first picture. I will be using my iPhone's camera or my Canon Rebel XTi.

Free Johnson's Buddies Soap (forever?)

How would you like to never pay for your kids' soap or pay very little? As long as there's a $1 off Johnson's Baby Product coupon, you can. Johnson's Buddies soap cost .99 to $1.19 depending which store you go to. So basically you get them free with a coupon or get them for .19 cents! Last week's RedPlum had this coupon (1/3). So stock up and order them on ebay!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

Here's 10 points for Pampers Gifts to Grow. If you're not a member it's free to join! You can redeem points for free items. Right now my favorite is the Dora Soft Potty Seat for 75 points!
You can also go HERE to see all the points I posted before.

CVS Huggies Deals 1/03

Huggies Jumbo pk - 8.99
$2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups printable

Don't forget to activate your eCoupons at Upromise.
  • $3/1 Huggies Pure & Natural
  • $2/1 Huggies Little Movers
  • $1/1 Huggies Snug & Dry

Rite Aid Baby Deals Week 1/03

Don't forget to print the coupon for $5 off $25 purchase HERE or you can watch a video HERE to get $5 off $20.

Huggies Big Pack - 19.99
  • $2 off Huggies coupon. Enter here (Internet Explorer) and here (Firefox)
Pampers Big Pack - 19.99
  • $2 off Pampers 12/27 PG
Johnson's Baby Care - 2.99

Desitin - 2.99
$1 off Desitin® Ointments - Original, Creamy or Clear

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My 2010 Goals

Year 2009 has been one of the best year of my life. The highlight was a new addition to our family. My second daughter was born. I pray that 2010 will be a great one as well. I have so many things I want to accomplish this year. Here is my list so far.
  • Loose Weight - Before I was married I was 100 pounds. When I had Olivia I gained weight and was 120 lbs. Now, that I have my second daughter I gained even more weight. I am now 130 lbs. I know many of you might not think that's a lot but for me it is because I am only 5 feet! I'm hoping to loose 15 pounds and maintaining it this year. I'm still contemplating if I should get a Wii Fit to help me loose that weight since going to gym is not an option for me.
  • Cut Coupons - When I got pregnant with Emma, half way through my pregnancy I was put on bed rest. I could not do my grocery run often. We all know to get great deals, you have to shop different places. I also did not buy Sunday newspaper every week. This year I want to go back to cutting coupons (hardcore). We saved so much with our groceries before. I want to start stockpiling again. We've used pretty much everything while I was on bed rest.
  • Spend Less and Save More - Having two kids I have no choice but to stop working as a nurse. We are now living on one income. It is hard because we are loosing a lot with me staying home but I refuse to put them on day care. Besides, I love staying home with them.
  • Spend more time with my family - so that means less time on-line. Less time entering giveaways. After all, the reason why I'm not working is to spend time with my kids.
  • I want my blog to grow - This year I want my blog to grow. I'm also hoping to host some giveaways. I'm still learning how to start one.
I think that is it for now. I would love to add to be dept free but unfortunately that is not realistic. We have two cars to pay and two student loans to pay, with one income we cannot pay them off.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Love Baby Wearing!

I never heard of the term "baby wearing" until I started reading reviews from other blogs about different carriers. I owned a Chicco Carrier when I had Olivia. It was one of those baby items that I purchased that I hardly used. It was not comfortable. I also had a hard time putting her in it. She was a chubby baby. I remember hurting my back after carrying her for a few minutes. So when I had Emma I knew I was not going to invest on a baby carrier.

I won a Phat Baby Wraps at Glimpse right about when I had Emma. I was excited to try it because I've always wondered what's the hyped about "baby wearing." It took me about 3o minutes to figure out how to put it on. It came with instruction with pictures. The moment I carried Emma on it, I was in love with it. Having her close to me was an amazing feeling. It was so comfortable. It reminded me when she was in my belly. I love how the fabric feels. It is very soft. It is made of organic and bamboo. I love the print that I chose. I love that you can customize your prints with different combination. It is also reversible. Even my husband do not mind using it.

It has been 2 months now, and I still love it! I use it every day about 6 or more hours a day and it never hurt my back. Emma loves being in it. Putting her to sleep is so easy when she is being carried in it. I really believe that she is a calm and happy baby because of it. I never leave home without it. I've used it while grocery shopping, walking in the mall and even watched movies (twice and she slept until the movie ended) . This is the best baby item I ever own! The best part is I never paid for it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

December Wins

What have you won this month? Another slow month for me. There was so many giveaways to enter but so little time. But I'm glad I won a few things that I gave to my girls for Christmas. Winning 2 boxes of Huggies was great too specially having 2 kids still on diapers. I loved winning the BJ's gift card also. I used to buy more diapers!

Riding with Jessica
  • Kidorable Umbrella
Mommies with Cents
  • Beibe Shoes
A Bookworm Mom's Diary
  • See Kai Run Shoe
The Fashionable Bambino
  • Tiny Tongs
Strectching a Buck
  • 2 Boxes of Huggies Diapers
Delightful Chaos
  • $25 BJ's GC
Riding With No Hands
  • Busy Ball Popper
30 Dollar Weekly Grocery Challenge
$25 BJ's Gift Card