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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Love Baby Wearing!

I never heard of the term "baby wearing" until I started reading reviews from other blogs about different carriers. I owned a Chicco Carrier when I had Olivia. It was one of those baby items that I purchased that I hardly used. It was not comfortable. I also had a hard time putting her in it. She was a chubby baby. I remember hurting my back after carrying her for a few minutes. So when I had Emma I knew I was not going to invest on a baby carrier.

I won a Phat Baby Wraps at Glimpse right about when I had Emma. I was excited to try it because I've always wondered what's the hyped about "baby wearing." It took me about 3o minutes to figure out how to put it on. It came with instruction with pictures. The moment I carried Emma on it, I was in love with it. Having her close to me was an amazing feeling. It was so comfortable. It reminded me when she was in my belly. I love how the fabric feels. It is very soft. It is made of organic and bamboo. I love the print that I chose. I love that you can customize your prints with different combination. It is also reversible. Even my husband do not mind using it.

It has been 2 months now, and I still love it! I use it every day about 6 or more hours a day and it never hurt my back. Emma loves being in it. Putting her to sleep is so easy when she is being carried in it. I really believe that she is a calm and happy baby because of it. I never leave home without it. I've used it while grocery shopping, walking in the mall and even watched movies (twice and she slept until the movie ended) . This is the best baby item I ever own! The best part is I never paid for it.


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