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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mrs. Smith Diaper Bag Review

I have been looking for the perfect diaper bag. I've own quite a few, actually I owned many, from different styles, colors, and sizes. I love my Skip and Hop diaper bag, but after having two kids it is just not big enough. I needed a bag that is big enough to carry the things I need for a 3 month old and 2 years old.

That is why I was so happy when I won a Mrs. Smith Diaper Bag by Whoda Thought. I have seen the reviews from other blogs and I knew this is what I have been looking for. This bag is now my favorite diaper bag. I picked the pink polka dots color and it is beautiful. It actually looks better in person than from the pictures in their site.

I took this bag out for the first time to the mall. You could not believe how much stuff I was able to put in this bag
  • 2 Born Free Bottles
  • (2) 8oz ready to feed similac bottle
  • receiving blanket(I use it for burping)
  • burp cloth
  • bib
  • onesies
  • bodysuit
  • Baby Phat Wrap (which by the way not very thin)
  • wipes
  • 6 diapers (two size 5 and four size 2)
  • juice box
  • snacks
  • pacifiers
  • my wallet
  • SLR Canon (my huge camera!)
And after all those stuff I still had plenty of space! I did not even put anything in the outside pockets and had plenty more space in the bottom! I know any huge diaper bag can store all the things I mentioned. But that is not why I love this bag. This bag does not look huge at all. It doesn't make you feel like you are carrying a suitcase. It is very well designed with plenty of storage.
  • Two side pockets and 2 side bottle holder
  • Three insulated bottle and sippy cup holders.
  • Bottom storage. It reminds me of a drawer. This is great for little things you can put such as pacifiers and toys.
  • Full Size washable changing pad (HUGE!! LOVE IT!)
  • Three additional pockets (2 inside and 1 in the back)
My favorite is the bottom storage. I no longer dig inside when my daughter ask for her toys or snacks. My diaper bag has never been this organize until now. You can also convert this bag to a backpack very easily. However, I prefer carrying it as a messenger bag. It comes in six different colors. My other favorite is the copper color!

I was not paid or sent an item. I personally won the item above from a giveaway blog.

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