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Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Guilty Trip at Rite Aid

I've been going to Rite Aid everyday to see if they received new inventories for Similac. Remember I have 60 coupons to use! They have other kinds left but not the regular Similac Advance. So I decided to buy the 2 bottles left from one Rite Aid even though I will not get the deal that I was hoping for since I will not be able to use the coupon for $5 off $25 purchased.

But it turned out to be a better deal. Here's what I bought:
2 similac ready to feed = 10
1 similac powder 12.9 oz = 13.19
1 aveeno lotion = 7.79 (I needed this for the J&J rebate, I only needed $6 more to qualify for GC)
my total would have been = 30.98
minus my coupons:
-$6 (3 similac coupons)
-5/25 coupons
- $2 off aveeno

Here's the guilty part. My aveeno coupon will not scan. She tried a few times but the register will not take it. I told her never mind I don't want the aveeno. So she took it off and gave me a total for $12.19. When I left the store, I realized she should have taken the $5 off also since my total is no longer 25 dollars, instead $23.19. So now I've been feeling guilty and afraid to go back to that store!

Spent : $12.19
Total Formula Spent: $24.58


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