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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pathmark Trip

I gave up with Rite Aid. There is no way they are getting more similac advance in the store. So I decided to try the grocery store. Today I went to Pathmark to see how much I would spend and save with the coupons. I can't have those coupons go wasted. It's like wasting my $12.39 cents!

I was in the baby aisle calculating my cost per can for about 15 minutes.

Ready to feed bottle cost -6.29
Buy 16 bottles (not all the same transaction of course) = $100.64
Minus $32 coupons
= 68.64
I will get back $15 for baby bucks = 53.64 or 3.35 per bottle. It's not $2 each but at least I'm saving about 50%.

I was ready to buy 5 bottles until I saw a lady picked up those concentrated cans for $4.29 each. Then it hit me! I will save even more if I use my $2 off for those cans. I never used concentrated with my first daughter so I was not sure if they are the same amount as the ready to feed bottle once it's mixed with water.

I wonder what was the lady thinking when I asked her if you add water to the concentrated cans, if it's the same amount as the ready to feed bottle. She's probably thinking why I'm buying them too soon and the baby is not even out yet or she's thinking I'm pregnant again and I have a baby at home!

So here is my calculation:
If I buy 24 cans = 102.96
-$48 coupons
= 54.96 - $15 baby bucks
= 39.96 or 1.66 per can!!!! or about $100 for 60 cans.

I'm hoping that will last 3 months so I don't have to worry not getting paid enough during my maternity leave. You're probably wondering what if the baby will not take the similac formula. I would be wasting money. No, Not really. I have a couple of friends that are pregnant, I'm sure they will be happy to take this from me. And I am still hoping to breast feed, atleast for the first few months. But I just want to make sure I have something just in case breast feeding doesn't work out.

I bought only 5 cans today. I still have more than a month until the coupons expire. I hate going to the register with more than 5 of the same coupons. Cashiers for some reason hates that.

5 concentrated cans = 21.45
- $10 coupons
= 11.45

Spent : $11.45
Total Spent : 36.03


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