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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Formula Expenses

Did you ever wondered the yearly cost of formulas?? I've researched the Internet and there's no exact amount since prices varies due to different brands of formulas and it matters if it is ready to feed or powder. According to Aetna InteliHealth, the cost of using ready to feed formulas is about $4000 a year, not including accessories such as bottles. The cost of using powder is about 1500 a year.

Well I decided to keep track on my formula expenses to see how much I would save by using coupons and stockpiling.

Last week I posted about cheap Similac ready to feed for this week sales in Rite Aid. It is 2 for $10. I know I'm not due for another 3 months but with coupons I will end up paying each ready to feed bottle for $2 each(reg. price 6.29). So I decided to order 60 coupons in Ebay! I was not worried if there is not enought stock in one store since there are about 5 Rite Aids within 3 miles.

I paid $12.39 for 60 coupons of $2 off any similac (.20 cents each coupon). Well guess what? Out of 5 store only one has them and they only have 2 bottles left.

Spent for coupons : $12.39 (and I have not even bought one)


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