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Friday, November 28, 2014

Door to Door Organics Review plus Coupon Code

Door to Door Organics provided me with a gift card to try out their service

I have been a proponent of healthy eating for the last several years. The desire to lose weight for various reasons and issues tied down to the treatment of animals for consumption eventually lead me to not eating pork or beef and instead focus on eating whole fruits and vegetables with minimal processing. The last year or so became an adventure on looking for sources of organic, wholesome food.

Although organic food is starting to become present in the mainstream supermarkets, it is still not as widespread as one would hope. Often, my wife and I would shop once a week in different locations as one store might have an organic version of the food that the other might not have. This pattern of shopping continued on until we happen to stumble on a website called Door to Door Organics in Facebook, they are a company that deliver fresh, organic food, straight to your door. We contacted them and decided to try their service.

The first step in making your order is to check if the service applies to your area. Next you have to pick the size from little, small, medium to large box of either all vegetables, fruits or a combination of both. There are descriptions of the amount of food in each sizes to give you an approximate picture of how long each box will last throughout the week.  There is also an option to substitute certain food items if you desire. As an option, you can also add other food items for an additional price, these ranges from dairy, meat, bread and pretty much anything that you would want in your pantry. Its important to note that most of these items are organic, non-gmo and are locally sourced. You can arrange the frequency of your deliveries to weekly or bi weekly. The subscription can be put on hold or even cancelled so there are absolutely no commitments.

After 2 weeks of using this service, I have to say that their service is excellent and the products, amazing. The first time we opened the box, there was instant ooh's and aah's from my kids and I. The fruits and vegetables were fresh and clean, the outside of the box was also clearly labeled with the items inside. Due to the availability of some of the food items, once in a while they will not be able to get a particular fruit or vegetable in your order and a note stating that will be present in the box as well as crediting back the missed item in your account.

Door to Door Organics is a great idea if you want to eat better and healthier (also a great way to introduce kids to fruits and vegetables that won't be otherwise available in your regular grocery store.), the fact that the actual delivery is free, along with freshness of the food items delivered speaks volumes to the quality of their service. If you want to try them out, here's a coupon code for $10 off your first order: LUV2SAVE1415T 

These are what my kids has to say:

Olivia (7 yrs old) : "I love eating pomegranates! ( First time she, or anyone of us, tried it)"
Emma (5 yrs old) : "The tangerines explode with flavor in your mouth!"
Sophia (3 yrs old) : "Bananas are yummy!"

First week we ordered the Medium Mix Box

Second Week: We ordered the Large Mix Box

Disclosure: I received product sample(s) mentioned above from the company or representing PR for free. NO other payment was given. This is my honest opinion, yours may be different. This post may contain affiliate link.


  1. Very cool! I had never heard of this! Thanks!

  2. This sounds like a great service. They conveniently send you healthy organic fruits and veggies right to your door! I need to try this out.

  3. This is so ideal for folks like me who live in areas without a year round farmer's market. Thanks for sharing. I'm heading to check this out now.