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Monday, November 17, 2014

Adventure Time: Finn the Human on DVD 11/25

Whose ready for adventure! In Adventure Time: Finn the Human, join Finn and his buddy Jake the dog in this DVD following their adventures in the land of Ooo. As a fan of this Cartoon Network smash hit series, this DVD comes jam-packed with 16 hilarious episodes from fan favorite seasons.  

Created by Pendleton Ward, this Emmy nominated series that plays on Cartoon Network on Mondays at 7:30 pm and replays throughout the week follows the everyday adventures a pair of unlikely heroes , Finn the Human and Jake, his shapeshifting dog friend. Watch as they travel the land of Ooo and encounter strange creatures such as the Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline the vampire Queen.

My daughters and I are fans of this show, they are reminiscent of dungeon and dragons type of adventure show with a sci fi and magical feel. Finn, as the last remaining, non mutated, human lives by an honor code, helping the innocent, and trying to be a force of good, with his friend/ adoptive brother Jake, a talking dog imbued with shapeshifting properties. My daughters love the funny adventures and storyline, and there are lessons that you can derive from the show (such as keeping your word and helping out a friend) despite its whimsical nature. We often use one liners and jokes from the show, such as " Mathematical !" and " redudiculous", my daughters and I sometimes do the Finn and Jake "Trust pound" when in agreement over something. 

Beginning November 25, 2014 for only $24.98, fans will be able to get nearly 3 hours of content and an exclusive Finn backpack (wear it for Halloween or Comic con as him), perfect for this holiday season and a must have for your Adventure Time fan.


  1. My son is a huge Adventure Time fan! This may go on the Christmas list! Thanks!

  2. The Finn backpack? Yep, I am so getting this for a stocking stuffer for my youngest son. He loves Adventure Time!!!

  3. So, I've been seeing this around and didn't know what it was about. Thanks for cluing me in. :) Very cool that they incorporate morals into the show.

  4. I've never watched this cartoon before but I keep seeing it everywhere. It looks like a really fun show for kids.