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Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekly Wishes

Happy Monday! Welcome to weekly wishes. Once again I'm linking up with Melyssa from The Nectar Collective.

Last Week's Wishes......

Catch up on product reviews - I still have more to do but I'm not behind. 

Buy supplies for our Homemade Christmas presents - My girls finally made their Sharpie Oil Based Painted  Mug. You can check out our DIY post HERE

Finish reading Becoming Calder - I finished reading it and I also read the second book, Finding Eden. 

Exercise - I did not do a single workout this week :(

This Week's Wishes......

I only have one wish this week. Buy a sewing machine and learn how to sew. But first I need to do some research. I need a good sewing machine for beginners. I'm also hoping to find a used one in Craigslist.

What's your goal or wishes this week?? 

1 comment:

  1. oooh i hope you're able to find a sewing machine for cheap so you can get started! i'd imagine that is the biggest hurdle in learning how to sew. and those mugs are ADORABLE!