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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Mileage: 16 Miles

Three months ago I started couch to 5k also known as c25k. It's a program that will help you run 5K or 30 minutes straight in 9 weeks. Starting this program is probably the best thing I ever did for myself in a long time. In three months I lost more than 15 pounds. I feel great and healthier.

I will write another post about my experience with c25k and the app I used hopefully soon. But first I wanted to start posting my weekly running mileage. I'm currently using nikeplus. If you're on nikeplus feel free to leave your username in the comment. I would love to add you.

These photos are also posted in my instagram account.


Did my run while she played with daddy in the playground.


Nice slow easy 7 miles run...this is the best kind of running...when you don't care how fast you're going...you just run...This is my farthest run.


This is what I always eat before running...toasted whole wheat bread with egg and half avocado :)

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