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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh how I wish we have a wooden swing set...

The weather has been really nice lately. My kids have been asking to go to the park almost everyday but I can't always take them by myself. I really wish we have a huge backyard to put a wood swing sets for my kids to enjoy. Unfortunately, our backyard is tiny...if I can even call it a backyard. I can't even have them go outside and run around.

So for now we just have to take them to the park if they want to play in the playground. I don't mind....The park is always been my kids favorite place to go. They can have fun for hours and the best part it's FREE! It's a lot better than staying home and watching TV all day.

But of course it would be really nice to have our own swing set in our backyard. It's definitely convenient. I guess we just have to wait until we buy our own home....

This pictures was taken last year...

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