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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I've been trying to find balmex coupon. Baby Talk and American baby suppose to have balmex coupon worth 2 dollars off. If you do have those magazines make sure you check it out. It would go well with Babies R Us Coupon that they mailed out - save $2 on any 3 baby lotion, wash, shampoo, powder, or diaper rash items. Balmex 2 oz. in BRU is 3.29.

3.29 x 3 = 9.87
- 6 ( 3 coupons)
-2 (BRU coupoun)
= 1.87

Don't forget Balmex is qualified for Care Giver Marketplace. It is worth $1 each. So you really get the balmex free since you're getting $3 rebate!!

Unfortunately I only found one coupon, so instead i purchased one in A&P for 3.29. Paid 1.29 and will be mailing it for 1 dollar rebate. so .29cent is still pretty good deal!! Balmex has also 1 dollar off printable if you can't find the two dollars coupon. I also read that these magazines you can find in BRU for free my the entrance or by the registry.

Good luck!


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