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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Huggies Wipes Vs. Pampers Wipes

With my first daughter I never used any wipes except for pampers. Since I've been saving and budgeting, I actually stopped using them since Pampers wipes doesn't have too many great coupons out there. Huggies Wipes on the other hand have really high value coupons that often comes along and also if you sign up at Huggies.com they mail you coupons all the time. Since I've been using their wipes, I really luv it. Specially the shea butter kind. I noticed with huggies also is that its thicker, i used to think it was a bad thing but really it is a lot better that pampers. It is easier in cleaning and since its thick I use less.

I stock up on huggies wipes when they are are 2 for 4 or 2 dollars each. Reg. price is 2.99. There's always a coupon .75 cents off and since A&P doubles I only pay .50 cents for the wipes. I don't buy multiple newspapers because I think it's a waste of money since Sunday Ledger is 2.25 each. So i buy my huggies wipe coupons in Ebay. I usually pay 2 dollars or less for 20 coupons.

A few weeks ago huggies wipes were on sale for 2/4 and A&P triple that week so I end up buying 20 huggies wipes for FREE!!! Even better is that A&P like many groceries has what they call BABY BUCKS promo for certain amt of baby products you purchase you get 10 or 15 or 20 dollars off next purchase. A&P happened to give 20 dollars baby bucks for 200 dollars worth of baby products purchased. The best part is that the baby bucks count regular price not the price after coupons.

To know if you are getting a good deal with wipes always count the price per unit. That means if i paid 5o cents for 64ct huggies, that's less than a penny per wipes! My rule is that i don't buy wipes more than 2 cents per wipes. That is why it is so important to stock up when they are on sale so you would never have to pay full price.


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