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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: FlipBelt

*Product Sample Recived. Contains affiliate link*

I started Couch to 5K last summer. Couch to 5K is a program that helps you run 30 minutes straight or 5K in 9 weeks. This was good for me because I never ran or jogged before. They start you of with walking and running intervals. As weeks progress you will be running longer and walking less. Because C25k is an app, I have to always run with my iPhone with me.

I was using an armband to carry my phone. It was fine at first but after a few weeks of using it, it keeps sliding down when I'm running. Now I have to put it in a tightest setting and even then sometimes it would still start falling off.

Then I heard about FlipBelt. I've heard so many great things about it from other runners. I was really excited when they sent me one to try.

I was amazed the first time I ran with my FlipBelt. I had my iPhone, car key, and eyeglasses with me and I did not even notice I had all that with me while running. The FlipBelt held it all securely without any bouncing or sliding down. I received the x-small and it fits me perfectly. It sits comfortably on my waist. It doesn't ride up or slide down while you are running. The whole time I was running, I forgot I was wearing one.

FlipBelts comes in different colors. As you can see I picked the pink one. They also come in different sizes. Make sure you get the right size. The material is stretchy so if you are not sure what size to get, I recommend buying one size smaller.

I love my FlipBelt so much that I wear it not just when I go for a run. I wear it sometimes when I go grocery shopping. My phone, debit card, money and store card all fit inside my FlipBelt without being too bulky. In fact you won't even noticed I'm carrying all that with me. I can just go in an out of the store without carrying any purse or wallet.  It's very convenient specially when I shop with my 3 girls.

Disclosure: I received product sample(s) mentioned above from the company or representing PR for free. NO other payment was given. This is my honest opinion, yours may be different. This post may contain affiliate link.


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