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Friday, October 10, 2014

My favorite fuel before and after running

This is my first time joining Friday Five linkup which is hosted by Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run and You Signed Up for What?! Today's topic is favorite fuel for running or any other fitness activity. 


1. Toasted whole wheat bread with egg and a half avocado - This is my favorite breakfast before going for a run. Almost always this is what I eat. .I don't have to wait too long to run. I can run in half an hour and I won't have any problem cramping.

2. Toasted whole wheat bread with PB&C Dark Chocolate Dreams and a half avocado - another favorite pre run breakfast. This is soooo good!!!

3. Apple with peanut butter - This is my favorite post run snack. I have been eating so much apples since I started running!

4. Banana with PB&C Dark Chocolate Dreams - This another favorite post run snack. 

5. Two scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms and a whole wheat bread - This is my favorite meal after a run. All that protein and carbs is just what I need to fill me up after a run.



  1. I have never heard of PB&C Chocolate dreams! Is it like nutella?

    1. it's not hazelnut..it's chocolate peanut butter and it's non-GMO :)

  2. Oh, I love avocado and egg sandwiches!

  3. thanks for linking up with us! and I love apples and peanut butter. One of my favorite snacks! :)

  4. apples and pb for the win! thanks for linking up :)