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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DIY Bath Crayons

I'm always looking for crafts and activities that my kids and I can do. It has to be easy enough for them to do on their own or with very little help.

When I saw this DIY soap crayons on Pinterest I know my kids would be very excited to do them. They are fun and easy to make. I had everything I needed except for the white soap so I went to the dollar store and bought one.

You will need:

White bar soap - We used two Ivory Soap
Food Coloring

1. Grate your soap.

 2. Add a table spoon of water to one cup of grated soap. Then add your food coloring. The darker you want your crayons the more food coloring you add. Then mix it all up. It should have a dough consistency.

 3.  You can use cookie cutter, play dough cutter to form any shape you want. Let it dry and wait until it gets hard.


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