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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Beamz Player - Give the Gift of Music

I never heard of
Beamz Player until recently when I was asked to review one. I then googled it to find out what it was. Just like any products, I saw good and bad reviews. I decided to try it and see for myself. What really intrigued me was the price. I wanted to see why it's a bit pricey.

The Beamz is an innovative recreational musical instrument that enables people to have fun creating and playing music. It allows you to do things with music, videos and games that you have never been able to do before. You can be your own band. You can play up to 12 different instruments and sound effects during each song.. You create and arrange the music differently each time you play. Whats so great about it is that there is no string, nothing to touch, you just PLAY THE LIGHT! You can even record and share your new created music to your friends and family. It includes 50 Top Hit "Jam" and orginal Beamz songs and 5 popular Music Videos.

You can even change music videos. You can add music or sound effects to a video while it is playing! You can also play games by using ShadowBeamz interactive music game.

I think the Beamz Player is pretty cool. I love that anyone can play with it. You don't have to know any musical instruments. As young as age 7 can play and have fun with it or even younger. You can play with it straight out of the box.

After trying it, I understand why it is a bit pricey...It can do so much! I can definitely see why it is one of the hottest toys for Christmas this season!

You can purchase the Beamz Player for $199

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