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Friday, August 6, 2010

Review: Aurorae Yoga Mats and Accessories

You all know I have been doing a six weeks KettleWorx Challenge. I was doing so well until we went camping a couple of weeks ago. Remember my 4 pounds lose weight? I gained it all back! I am really disappointed of myself. This is now 4th week of the challenge since I'm behind one week. But this time I'm back more focus and with a new yoga mat!

I was in need of a new yoga mat so I contacted Aurorae Yoga to review one of their mats. A lot of exercise routines I have been doing consist of lying on the floor and my old one was just too thin and was hurting my back.

Not only I was sent a mat but they also sent me a Yoga Sport Sweat Towel, a slip free rosin bag, and a Denim Yoga Bag to review. They sent me the Violet mat which means Spiritual, Soothing, Calming, Telepathic, Healing, Relief & Meditative.

About Aurorae yoga mat

The Aurorae yoga mat is an extra long yoga mat (72”x24”x1/4”) available in great illuminating colors to define your inner self, bringing out the natural aura within you. The ¼” thick yoga mat provides enough cushion and comfort to protect your knees and joints. Aurorae yoga mats are considered one of the most durable and easy to care for yoga mats with incredible value. Aurorae yoga wants you to feel like you are amongst friends and we hope you feel comfortable recommending us to others. Your business is always appreciated and we at Aurorae look forward to servicing your yoga needs and hopefully making a few new friends along the way.
This is “your yoga” so don’t be intimidated or uncomfortable.
Relax, enjoy and Namaste.

Aurorae Yoga Mat are much thicker and longer compare to my old one (green)

The Aurorae Yoga Mats are definitely way longer than my old one. I'm only 5 feet and I would not even fit in my old mat. I constantly have to position myself so my head is not touching the floor. But with the Aurorae mat I can just focus on the routines because I have plenty of room.

It is also much thicker. It gives me enough cushion to exercise comfortably. And if you're using it for yoga (after all it's a yoga mat) it has focal point to help you concentrate and focus on your poses. And the extra cushion will protect your knees and joints.

They are also very easy to clean. They are machine washable! But I have not washed mine yet. I've wiped them only with water after my kids spilled juice on it.

The Yoga Sport Sweat Towel absorbs perspiration very well. It keeps me dry. I love that it is soft and the size is just perfect. You can carry it with you around and it fits in my yoga bag. It even has embroidery of their symbol. The slip free rosin bag will prevent you from slipping on your Yoga mat due to perspiration.

I LOVE the yoga denim bag! The yoga mat fits perfect with room for the towel. It also has pockets in the front for your things such as wallet, keys or phone. This bag makes me want to go to a yoga class!

You can purchase any of the Aurorae Yoga products through Amazon.

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NO other payment was given.
This is my honest opinion, yours may be different.


  1. i m also lost money to lose our body,i also want to lose weight and therefore find here information.i want this yoga mat.
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  2. This looks like a nice, comfy yoga mat! I did yoga for exercise throughout my pregnancy, and I'd really like to start up with it again. It's great for flexibility and its very relaxing!

  3. I have not really found a company like this that would work for a tall girl like me. I am very into the meaning of colors and I love how innovative and informative Aurorae Yoga is!
    I'm just getting into yoga and meditating, i think Aurorae may have me sold with this one!

  4. I love the idea of the meaning of the different colors. That is a wonderful idea.
    dancejamboree at gmail dot com