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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Handy Cooler Review

I recently had a chance to review Handy Cooler. This has been so useful because for the past couple of weeks it has been incredibly HOT and humid. It has kept us cool while we are out playing outside. It is specially useful when we are in the car. Emma still use rear facing car seat so she hardly get any cool air from the AC and end up sweating each time she's in the car. You would think she just took a bath from all the sweat even on a short ride. But thanks to the Handy Cooler she has not sweated in her car seat.

About Handy Cooler

This is no ordinary fan. This is a personal fan that literally cools the air. This patent-pending gadget delivers continuous evaporated cool air flow to keep you cool anytime under the sun or at home. Handy Cooler™ is a personal air cooler that has been shrunken down to a mobile and portable scale. Designed to be used on the go, Handy Cooler™ runs on batteries (or USB or standard 110V outlet [sold separately]) for true versatility. Simply soak the cellulose cooling filter (included) with water and turn the power on; Handy Cooler™ will instantly emit a comfortable refreshing breeze of cool air with hours of relief from the heat. The humidifying effect helps alleviate allergies, helps breathing problems, and replenishes moisture to the skin.

It really is not an ordinary fan that if it's hot and humid it will give you hot air. It gives you a cool breeze, like you are carrying an AC. You pour 30ml of water on the sponge with the measuring bottle so you're not guessing how much to put. You can even control the air flow. What I love is that you can hardly hear anything when it's on. No one would even know when you are using it. It is lightweight and fits perfect in my diaper bag.

Other features
  • Battery operate - 4 AA batteries
  • USB (included)
  • plug it into a standard 110v socket (adaptor sold separately)
  • come is 3 colors -black, blue, pink
We are going camping again in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait to bring this with us!

You can purchase Handy Cooler for $49.95. They also carry Baby Stroller Air Cooling System!

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  1. im guessing this wont mess up my make up like those misting fans would