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Thursday, May 13, 2010

iPhone/iPod Touch App Review: Mandy and Andy – The Seasons

I can't say enough how much my daughter loves to play with my iPhone. I have tons of apps for her. One of her favorite is the Mandy and Andy Renovating story book app that I reviewed a few months ago. You can go here to read my review. She still play with it until now.

Beiz have just released a new Mandy and Andy – The Seasons iPhone/Ipod Touch app, an interactive children app, just like the first one.

About Mandy and Andy – The Seasons App:
A new, funny Mandy and Andy story and two activities!
In this story we get to know the different seasons of the year with Mandy and Andy. Think about all the things you can do in summer, fall, winter, or spring!

I was really glad to review this app for Olivia. She loves the first one and have played with it many times. She was really surprised the first time I showed her the new Mandy and Andy – The Seasons. She didn't expect to see a different story. Just like the first one the new story has an option to Read to Me and I Read Myself. We still use the Read to Me option. Olivia loves tapping the objects and seeing them move and make a sound.

Olivia's creation

They have also added new features with the new Mandy and Andy – The Seasons. Your child can go to Task and play matching games and paint. Olivia loves matching the leaves. This was actually her first time playing a matching game. I was surprised she got the concept right away. After your child have matched all the leaves they can shake it to start all over and get new leaves to match. Olivia also like the coloring game (see picture above for her creation). They have also added more languages. It has five compare to three.

Overall I really like the new Mandy and Andy – The Seasons. I love the changes and added features. Olivia loves them too. If I was not contacted to do a review I would have still bought it for Olivia because I know how much she loves the first one. If you're looking for a storybook app for your iPhone or iPod Touch I highly recommend the Mandy and Andy – The Seasons. They are not your regular storybook, they are fun and interactive!

You can purchase Mandy and Andy – The Seasons App in Itunes for $0.99.

I was given a free code to download the app.
No other compensation was given.
This is my honest opinion. Yours may be different.

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