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Friday, February 5, 2010

Another ErgoBaby Carrier Giveaway!

Since you are seeing another ErgoBaby Carrier giveaway post , it means I still have not won one yet. Like I said, I am not going to give up until I own one. Unless, by then none of my kids can use it anymore!(LOL ) But then again, I can always use it for the next baby!( I hope its not going to take me that long) If you are like me, been dreaming to own one of this carrier, you can enter to win one at Jabbering Jessi. She is giving away an ERGObaby HandsFree System which consists of the ERGObaby Carrier (valued $105.00), a Front Pouch (valued $21.00) and Backpack Carrier (valued $49.00). Complete prize value is $175.00. How awesome is that?

By the way she has a really cool blog so check it out! One of my favorite blogs. And no I'm not sucking up! She really does! Besides, she probably will not see this post anyway unless I win! I won I few times from there so I'm hoping to get lucky again! Wish me luck!

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