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Friday, July 31, 2009

Pathmark Trip 7/31

Today is the last day for the baby bucks cycle. I needed $25 dollars to get $15 Baby Bucks. So I went today to get 6 more Similac concetrated cans. Spent 11.17 after my $2 off coupons, but I got $15 baby bucks to spend next time. I'll be using it this week for grocery. So that's minus 3.83 to my formula expenses. (I'm counting the Baby Bucks as CASH.)

39 - 13 oz similac concentrated cans
2 - 1QT Ready to feed Similac
1 - 12.9 oz Similac Powder

If you were to purchase them regular price I would pay 167.31 for the concetrated cans, $12.98 for the ready to feed, and about $13 for the powder. It would cost me 193.29! I saved 60% so far!! I'll post pictures next time.

Total Formula Spent = $78.32


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