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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cheap Huggies Wipes at A&P

A&P done it again another triple event! Starting 7/10. They triple up to .99 cents. This time the huggies wipes are not on sale like last time. I got 20 tubs of wipes free. It's regular price 2.99. Get those .75 off coupon. They should have it in Ebay. Use the BUY IT NOW option. It should cost you no more than 2 dollars for 20 coupons and that includes shipping. I just bought mine for 1.60 for 20 including shipping.

2.99 - 2.25 = 0.74 each for 64cts (a penny each wipes) not free but its still a good deal!

This week Huggies wipes were on sale for 2.49 and it was not advertise so I'm hoping that's good for a month, or another week! That will only cost you .24cents per tub of 64ct wipes!!


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