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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

About Me

Welcome to Luv to Save. I'm a mom to a 2 year old baby girl and currently expecting my second child. My blog is all about saving money and giving tips to all moms or mom to be. When I first had my daughter I wished someone was there to tell me about cutting coupons and stockpiling. I would have save hundreds or even thousands of money. Before I had my first daughter, my husband and I were both full time nurses. I never once used coupons or even look at sale flyers. Since I had my first daughter we decided it's better for me to be part-time. I learned the importance of budgeting. I learned to cut coupons, and to stockpile the things that we use or eat the most using coupons. It's hard work, don't get me wrong. But it's also fun! The best part is that I am able to stay at home and spend time with my daughter.


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