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Friday, July 22, 2016

CozyPhones Kids Headband Headphones Review

Product Sample Received

 My girls love their new headphones from CozyPhones.  It is made of soft fleece and fits like a headband. They are lightweight, very comfortable to wear and really cute. Because it is made of fleece and stretchy material, it fits perfectly on my three girls. They can dance and shake their heads and it will never fall out.

Usually my girls hate wearing headphones because they are bulky and does not stay put. But with the CozyPhones, they love wearing it and they can wear it for long periods of time. They especially love using it while laying on bed watching videos on their iPad. They can lay down on their side and it will not hurt their ears. 

I really like that CozyPhones are washable. I've already washed them twice and they still look brand new. Another thing I love about CozyPhones is that they are small and easy to carry. They are perfect when travelling.