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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Olivia's 8 Birthday at GameTime

We received a free Family 4 Pack Combo! Includes (4) 1 hour game play cards, 1 Large 1 topping Pizza and 4 Beverages in exchange for review.

This weekend, we celebrated my oldest daughter Olivia's birthday. We decided to go to Gametime, an arcade/ restaurant in their Tampa location (in Ybor city.) It was a short drive from Brandon and we were there in about 25 minutes. Parking itself was not an issue as there was plenty of places to park as well as a $5 dollar parking area nearby.

The location itself is nestled in a large, stone brick building that housed other stores as well. When we came in we were immediately greeted and was taken to our table. I immediately noticed that there was a party being held not too far away from where we were. It was a kid's birthday party and there was tons of kids and parents there so obviously they're able to hold events of that size.

I also noticed that they had a pizza making oven and my girls were excited to know that they can see how their pizza is going to be made. We ordered a large sausage pizza and sweet chili wings ( my wife and I never had them before) with drinks by our server, who was very nice and accommodating. It didn't take long before we got our food and the pizza was great, the cheese was just the way we like it and there was generous amount of toppings. Our sweet chili wings was also really good, the sauce that they used is reminiscent of one that we actually use at home and had an authentic flavor.

As we were dining I noticed that there was a bar at the other side of the restaurant as well as another bar (the people there were watching sport games) in the middle of the game room, Im not much of a drinker but I can see that adults can come here as well for that purpose.

The game room itself is quite large and has multiple arcade games, ride simulators and attractions for kids and adults as well. We spent over an hour playing with different arcades and there was enough of them where there was no line to wait for your turn. There was also games where you can win prizes as well such as stuff toys from the "claw" game, we also played quite a bit of air hockey.


The second floor has bathrooms and gives you an overall view of the facility. There are also two party rooms where you can hold different type of events.

After an hour or so of playing the kids we're tired and my wife and I decided to call it a day. Gametime in Tampa is a great place to bring your kids for food and entertainment and we would definitely come back again.


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