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Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly Wishes

Happy Monday! Welcome to weekly wishes. Once again I'm linking up with Melyssa from The Nectar Collective.

I missed last week's weekly wishes. I completely forgot and only remembered the next day.

Last Wishes......

Make homemade christmas presents. - We didn't get to do this. I still need to buy some supplies.

Run 10 miles - I have not ran in 2 weeks!! The weather is getting too cold. I don't know how runners run in cold weather. 

Make a Meal Plan - I'm doing really well planning our meals for the past few weeks.  

This Week's Wishes......

Catch up on product reviews - I have 5 products to review. My goal is to finish all of them this week.

Buy supplies for our Homemade Christmas presents - My kids and I are planning to make painted mugs. I already have the oil base Sharpie paints. I just need to buy white ceramic mugs.

Finish reading Becoming Calder - This is why I should not start a new book after 10PM because I had a hard time putting it down last nigh. I slept 2 in the morning! 

Exercise - Since I can't run in this weather and I can't join a gym I need to find another way to exercise.

What's your goal or wishes this week?? 


  1. Good luck with your wishes this week! I love the idea of painting mugs for holiday gifts -- excited to see how that turns out!

    I've also been trying to look into alternative ways to exercise, especially indoor ones. I don't know what you like to do, or what your budget is, but I've really been enjoying doing online Barre3 workouts -- they do have a $15 a month fee to see all the videos, but Darling Magazine shared three short ones for free (http://darlingmagazine.org/barre3-workout-series-morning-routine/), and their try-it-free-for-a-month promotion might still be good. Good luck, and if you find a better alternative, I'd love to hear it!

  2. Good luck accomplishing your wishes this week!

    I am also having trouble running now that it's getting cold, I have to get a gym membership too.

  3. I would love to hear how your homemade Christmas presents go; that's something I keep attempting without success! For working out at home, I faced that same dilemma. I did end up doing Beachbody programs at home, but I also downloaded some free apps (the ones with the highest rating and that Google first popped up, lol) and they helped me a ton with workout ideas! Surprisingly, workout videos from Walmart also helped me, haha. Hope you figure out something that works for you!!

    Best Wishes!! :)


  4. This is my first real year running and I don't know what to do about running in the cold either. I recently purchased PiYo to do at home so I havea 20-30 minute workout to do daily. I hate the gym. Have a great week! :)