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Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekly Faves

Housewife Glamour

These are my favorites this week....

Making Faces by Amy Harmon - This is my third Amy Harmon book that I've read. I love all her books. I can't wait for her new one which is coming out next month! I should be reading The Maze Runner because that's on my to-do-list but I couldn't put this down :)

Happy Mail - I'm starting to do product reviews in my blog again. Look how excited my kids are to open those boxes!! 

Walking Dead is back! My husband and I love this show. This is the only time we watch TV together....Walking Dead means date night :)


Halal from the Halal Guys - this is so good! I'm from Jersey and we drove to New York City just to get this! 

Organic Soy Sauce - I was so excited to find this! I'm filipino and most of our food has soy sauce in it. I'm so glad they have an organic version. I didn't even know this exist!

1 comment:

  1. Nice post! I'm going have to check out books by Amy Harmon! I didn't know there was organic soy sauce too lol. I'm filipino too. :)