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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I recently had a chance to review a couple of products from AMMO Books, the PATRICK HRUBY MEMORY GAME and the CHARLEY HARPER NESTING BLOCKS.

AMMO Books publishes exciting, one-of-a-kind visually charged books that always get noticed. We create "must-have" books with amazing design, thoughtful writing, and exquisite printing. We've built both an eclectic list and dedicated audience - one great book at a time!

My kids have been playing with this nesting blocks for a couple of months now. I would say this is one of their favorite toys. I'm surprise it has not fell apart yet because they play with it almost everyday. It's been about two months and they are not yet tired from playing with it. They love stacking and then kicking it after. I like that both of them are able to play together. I do have to admit sometimes Libby does not like Emma to play with it because she kicks it before every blocks are stacked up. It is actually pretty funny watching them because after the little one kicks, she runs away because she knows Libby will push her away!

I really like that the illustrations are bright and colorful. It's also very durable. It is very easy to put away and does take a lot of space. I don't even mind keeping it in our living room instead of the playroom.

I remembered how much I love to play memory game when I was younger. Libby likes playing with memory game also but on my iPhone. So I was excited to have a chance to review this. The illustration is just like the nesting block, they are unique, bright and colorful. It came with 36 pairs. That was too many for her so we played the recommended amount for younger kids which is nine pairs or fewer. Libby loves playing with it also but what I hate is that she wants to play with all of them and then the little one makes a mess. We don't play it often for that reason. Sometimes I let her play on the table, away from Emma. I'm sure they will love this when they get older, when they both can play with it together. What I like about this memory game is that it has a box for easy storage.

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