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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby GoGo Doll Review

My daughter just started playing with dolls. She was never a fond of it until recently. So I was really excited to review the Baby GoGo Doll. I knew she was going to love it..and sure I was right! It's now her favorite doll. She usually gets bored and moves on to new toys very fast. She might like a toy today but the next day or two you would never see her play with it again. I guess that's what happens when they have too many toys. But with Baby GoGo Doll she has been playing with it for a couple of weeks! She even sleeps with it. If I let her she would probably would take it with her everywhere. But she's known to forget and lose toys.

Baby GoGo Doll is great tool for teaching young kids to be nurturance and in adjusting to changes in family life, especially in welcoming a new sibling. I really wish we had Baby GoGo before Emma was born. I had a hard time explaining to Libby that she was going to be an Ate (big sister). This doll would have been perfect. It comes with a storybook which is about Baby GoGo leaving the hospital after being born and meeting siblings for the first time.

Aside from the storybook, Baby GoGo also comes with a sleepytime outfit and a cozy, soft blankie which where all packaged beautifully! I was also sent some accessories such as Diaper bag and a diaper for Baby GoGo. Baby GoGo Doll is perfect gift for any occasions such are birthdays. And don't forget Christmas is just around the corner!

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  1. Such a cute little doll. Is it bad that my son her age LOVES dolls? He carries them around. Pretends to change their diaper. He's going to make a good daddy someday. He likes trains and cars too.