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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Wiggles Wiggly Circus Live

Last week, I took my family to watch the Wiggles world tour, which was held in the Izod Center. My two daughters are familiar with the Wiggles as they routinely watch their show, my wife and I are somewhat familiar with them as well. The venue was pretty packed with people and there were nice little crayons and a coloring paper in shape of a guitar when we arrived in our seats (I think its a nice touch, to keep the children's attention occupied). The wait wasn't long as Fifi the ringmaster ushered the opening scene.

During the initial scene, as each one of the Wiggles coming out was met with loud applause, Anthony explained right away that Murray wasn't available because of some issues ( I forgot what it was). Even though, the people was a little bit disappointed, a fellow by the name of Ringo (I think that was his name, the way Anthony pronounced it anyway) did an excellent job as the red wiggle. The Wiggles performed all of their popular songs ( the fruit salad was my daughter's favorite) and there were these fantastic acrobats/ gymnasts doing all sort of tricks with the tumbling mat and Wiggles were doing some acrobatic feats as well. They took out their red car and drove around the stage with it, Dorothy the dinosaur, Wags the dog, Henry the octopus and Captain Feathersword was there as well (AHOY!! Captain feathersword!!) They were excellent performers because even though they were following a format with their performances, they loosely stuck to it and makes for spontaneous fun (there were some hilarious jokes regarding a popular particular exercise regimen as well as the one about Jets/Giants winning the baseball world series).

Overall, the Wiggles world tour was an excellent event as the wiggles themselves cater so much to the children,interacting with them, reading posters held up throughout the show and go as far (literally with Jeff) at the end of the show to pick up flowers from fans, gifts to Dorothy, and a bone or two to Wags. Even though, everything was light hearted and fun, there were some heart touching moments that probably had some people shed a tear here and there. In the beginning, when I sat down with the kids and my wife waiting for the show, I thought to myself " I should try to have fun, for the children's sake". Through out the whole show, up to the time when we were driving back home, I told my kids and wife, "Guys, daddy really had a lot of fun!!"

Disclosure: We received four free tickets to see the show through the USFamilyGuide.com. No other payment was received.


  1. Fun!! We've never seen the Wiggles, but we did get tickets from a friend for Sesame Street Live, and I felt the same way you did. I was surprised that I liked it so much - these shows are really impressive!!

  2. How long was the show?