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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Breastfeed Because…

Did you know it's Breastfeeding week? There are so many reasons why women breastfeed. Some breastfeed because it's a way for them to bond with their babies and some do it because of all the benefits breast milk can provide such as stronger immune system, fewer allergies and so much more.

When Emma was born I knew I wanted to breastfeed. Aside for bonding reason, I wanted to give her the best nutrients and vitamins that formula cannot give. I also did not want to have the same regret for giving up breastfeeding too soon when Olivia was born.

Every mother has their own reason why they breastfeed. Ameda has launched “I Breastfeed Because…” campaign to give women a voice to share why they made the decision to breastfeed their baby. Mothers who are currently breastfeeding, or have in the past, are encouraged to log onto www.ibreastfeedbecause.com to upload 20-second videos that share the reasons why they chose to breastfeed.

For each video uploaded, tweet or video comment, Ameda will make a charitable donation to the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, a non-profit association of donor human milk banks established in 1985 to set standards for and to facilitate establishment and operation of milk banks in America. All those who participate are also automatically entered to win a grand prize of a $2,500 nursery makeover or one of 25 secondary prizes, $50 American Express gift cards. While World Breastfeeding Week is Aug 1-7, this campaign will run through September.

What about you? What's your reason for breastfeeding? Don't forget you can upload a video and share your reason for a chance to win a nursery makeover and at the same time helping a great cost!


  1. I breastfeed because I want the best for my baby...and it's FREE!

  2. I had wanted to breastfeed but was unable to. Long story short I finally had to give up trying because it was affecting my mentally and I knew my son needed a happy functioning mommy more. I never had a single drop of milk and my son is now a happy healthy 2 soon to be 3 year old. So while breast is best it is not always possible

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I had the hardest time breastfeeding in the beginning, but I knew we were leaving for China and I wanted my lady to stay healthy, so I went to a lactation consultant for help. Eventually they gave me the nipple shield, and things got better from there!

  4. I really wanted to breastfeed because it was the most economical choice, plus it's good for baby, burns calories and great way to bond. I was however, TERRIFIED. Luckily, I had an AWESOME lactation consultant who was available to answer my questions, [fears], [concerns] 24/7 and a SUPER SUPPORTIVE husband who was great at keeping me calm :)

  5. I think it is great you posted this. It is a subject some people are afraid to touch...but you did an excellent job!