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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eureka FilterAir Vacuum Review

My current vacuum is no longer functioning as well as before. I have been wanting to replace it. I want a vacuum that not only works great and does the job well, I want it to be affordable. I also want a vacuum that I can use both carpet/rugs and bare floors at the same time.

After searching for one, I came across Eureka. Since I read so many great reviews about Eureka's vacuum, I contacted them to review one. I was thrilled when they sent me their FilterAir Vacuum to review.

Sealed HEPA Filtration captures 99.97% of dust and allergens for a cleaner home. On/Off Brushroll Switch picks up dust and allergens from carpets and bare floors. Atimicrobial Dust Cup and Bristles with On-Guard™ protects brushroll bristles and dust cup from odors caused by bacteria.

Features I love
  • Very easy to switch from carpets to bare floors.
  • Very easy to maneuver. It turns easy. I have no problem vacuuming under the table and chairs.
  • It's bagless. I love that I don't have to keep buying bags which saves me tons of money in the long run. It is also environmentally friendly.
  • Very easy to empty! It has a Flip-Bottom Dust Cup for one push emptying. You are not exposed to the dirt. I used to hate emptying my old vacuum. In fact, I only emptied it when it's completely full. But with the FilterAir, I empty it after each use!
  • I also love that it has HEPA Filtration which captures 99.97% of dust and allergens for a cleaner home.
  • The cord length is very long. I can vacuum the whole room without moving the plug around.
I have been using the FilterAir Vacuum for a couple of weeks and I really love it. It does wonderful job cleaning both my rugs and hardwood floors. Having a toddler and a 10 month old, I'm constantly cleaning the floor for spills, crumbs and just about anything. The FilterAir makes it easier for me to maintain a clean floor. It picks up cheerios or goldfish crackers on my floor without any problem. It has no problem picking up dirt in edges and corners. I
also like that it comes with Telescopic Wands attachment. I can easily clean those hidden goldfish or cheerios in the sofa.

The only thing I can complain about this vacuum is it's very heavy. It weighs
about 19 pounds.
Although it is heavy, it does not bother me much because it is very easy to maneuver.
I don't have to lift it to get to places. I just push it.
Overall I'm very pleased with the FilterAir Vacuum and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a vacuum that works great and affordable.

I received the for free
NO other payment was given. I was not obligated to
write a positive review.
This is my honest opinion, yours may be different.


  1. I love your review! Very well written. I wish it was a giveaway - LOL. Love the Eureka vacuums!

    Tina "The Book Lady"

  2. WOW! I also have two little kids and the 11mth old is crawling and so clean floors are very important! This vacuum looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. your floors are so clean! We are in need of a new vaccum ourselves, so it is nice to read an honest review of one!

  4. I have terrible terrible allergies and am in desperate need of a new vacuum! gonna chacke this one out closely!

    here from pitchit!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  5. oh that is really heavy! it looks like a great vacuum though!

  6. As messy my little boys are, I think I need this..really !!!

  7. we have all hardwood with a few area rugs in our house, and i NEED a vaccuum that can change from rug to floor and back easily. easy to maneuver is important too since i'm usually holding a 1 year old on my hip while vaccuuming!

  8. I think I need this! Thanks for the review!


  9. Oh I definitely need a new vacuum! Thanks for telling me about this one!