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Friday, July 30, 2010

Minnie Mouse Costume Review from Costume Super Center

I was really excited to review a costume from Costume Super Center for my daughter. She loves to play dress up. And when you have kids specially little girls, you can never have enough costumes for them. Not only she wears it at home for playtime but she also gets invited to dress up party.

Costume Super Center has so many costumes to choose from. She loves princesses so I really thought she was going to pick a princess costumes. But instead she picked a Minnie Mouse costume. She loves Minie but I would have never thought she would like to dress like Minnie. I even tried to convince her to pick any of the Disney costumes such as Cinderella but she made up her mind...so Minnie it is!

When the costume arrived she tried it on right away. It was packaged well. It even came with a headband. The quality is a lot better compare to other costumes she owns. I love that the fabric is not too thick that she can wear a shirt under and not get hot because she will be wearing it mostly at home for playing. She's very comfortable in it. In fact she wore it the whole day!

If your are looking for kids Halloween costumes definitely check out Costume Super Center. They have tons of selections. They have costumes for everyone for girls, boys, womens, mens infant and toddler. They even have plus size and sexy costumes.

Since most likely Libby will be using the Minnie Mouse costume on Halloween, I'm planning to get Emma the same one. I asked Libby if it she would mind if they will match but she said no. She wants Emma to wear an alien costume...poor baby girl.

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