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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Book Review: Sock 'n Boots Share by D. K. Smith

I love reviewing books for Olivia. She loves it when we read books to her. Recently I had the chance to review another book for her called Sock 'n Boots Share by D. K. Smith. This book teaches children how to share. I was really excited to read it to her because I have been trying to teach her to share with her sister. She's at the age when everything is hers. In fact she loves to say mine and I'm the owner.

Olivia really loves Sock 'n Boots Share. She loves the bright colors and fun characters. I like that they use simple words and rhyming which makes it easy for kids to understand the importance of sharing. We read this book many times. It's definitely one of her favorite book.

Other book in the series are Sock 'n Boots Afraid of the Dark and Sock 'n Boots Play it Safe. I'm sure Olivia will love them too.


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