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Monday, May 3, 2010

Cloud B Aroma Pillow Review

Cloud B just recently launched the Sleep Sheep & Friends Aroma Pillows. Cloud B's aromatherapy pillow will help your child to sleep. They were kind enough to send me the Polar Cuddle Cub Pillow to review. Olivia loves this pillow. The size is perfect for her. You can take it with you everywhere. It folds as polar bear (not all Sleep Sheep & Friends Aroma Pillows can fold). It reminds me of pillow pet but smaller, softer and with a removable scented pouch. It also comes with pillowcase made with bamboo fibers. It is the softest pillowcase I ever felt. I wish it is big enough to use for my own pillow!

  • Pediatrician recommended pillow size - approximately 41cm x 36cm x 13cm, sizes vary
  • Removable fitted pillowcase made with bamboo fibers
  • Removable inner pillow with soft cotton outer casing
  • Bamboo pillowcase is machine washable and plush cover is surface washable
  • Removable scent pouch with Cloud B's exclusive aromatherapy lavender blend
The scent smells wonderful. I never smelled quite like it before. It is very relaxing. I have been having trouble putting Olivia to sleep. For the past month, she has been sleeping in the living room while watching TV. Sometimes by 8pm she's out, but there are times that she can stay up until 11 pm watching her shows. But lately since I received the Polar Cuddle Cub Pillow she has been sleeping much earlier.

It is amazing how it works. I lay her down on the couch with the aroma pillow. It only takes about half an hour until she gets very sleepy. The first time I saw her dozing off I could not helped myself from laughing because it felt like I was cheating or tricking her! But I think lately she noticed that it is making her sleepy because every time I put it next to her she purposely moves it away from her!

You can purchase the Sleep Sheep & Friends Aroma Pillows for $24.95 and it is available in 6 different animals.

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