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Monday, February 1, 2010

Upcoming Giveaways

You all how know much I love entering giveaways. I used to hate checking emails because I hate those forward and spam emails I always get. But now, checking emails is my favorite thing to do. I love getting those emails with YOU WON, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'RE A WINNER in the subject line! My day is just not complete if I don't get a package in the mail. You won't believe how excited I get when I see the delivery guy or the mailman! However, lately since having another baby I have not entered as many as I would like to.And for that reason I have not been winning as much.

If you're like me (addicted to giveaways) I have a treat for your mail boxes! I have a few giveaways lined up. I have something to help you organize your kids bath toys, sponsored by CSN Store. I even have something for your little girls who love ballerinas. Make sure you subscribe so you will not miss any giveaways!

1 comment:

  1. I will be checking back! I have a giveaway going on too...=)