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Friday, February 12, 2010

Rainbow Brite is Back!

I remembered Rainbow Brite when I was little. I never owned one but I remembered I wanted a Rainbow Brite plate when I was in the Philippines but my parents could not afford it. I'm really happy that they are back and excited to introduce them to Olivia.

Rainbow Brite and her friends dolls are available now at Target and soon to be available at Toys R Us with a new vibrant makeover. Your child can also go to Rainbow Brite's interactive website for games, activities and download door signs, theme song, and wallpapers. All for FREE!

Mom Select and Hallmark sent me some Rainbow Brite CD-roms to keep
and share as a thank you for participating.
For writing this post I am entered to win $25 Toys R US giftcard.


  1. LOL! That is so funny! My sister in law sent me a text yesterday saying that she was standing in ToysRus looking for a baby gift but she couldn't tear herself away from the Rainbow Brite display. She was trying to convince herself that her 4 month old was not too young.LOL!

  2. LOL!!!! seriously!?!

    Happy Valentine's Day!! ;)

  3. HAHAHA Yes seriously! But don't feel bad because although we could not afford a lot of things we had food to eat and we were happy! Would you believe I had my first barbie doll when I was already 9 years old! Before that I played with paper dolls that my friends and I personally made and designed clothes for the dolls on our own!