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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ouchies Review

Every time my daughter falls or has a cut all it needs is a kiss and a band-aid. I'm amaze how those two things can make everything better. That is why I always make sure I have a supply of band-aids. My daughter is only 2, finding cute bandages that she loves such as Dora, Sponge Bob is easy. But what if you have kids that has outgrown those kiddish characters?

Well, you are in luck because Ouchies carry cool, fun, and stylish adhesive bandages. I was sent 4Girlz and Make Your own to review. These bandages are by far the coolest looking bandages I ever seen. They are colorful and unique. I would not mind wearing them! Olivia loves them too. My favorite is the Make Your Own design. It even comes with 3 small permanent marker. When Olivia saw the markers she wanted to play with it but since I really don't want her writing on the wall I had to hide it from her.

When it came, I happened to have a paper cut so I put one on my finger. These bandages is very well made. I washed Emma's bottle with it on and it did not came off. Other band-aids I've used just do not last long, when they get wet they don't stick anymore, but with Ouchies no need to keep putting a new one since they stick well and does not come off easily.

For $5 with 20 bandages, I think they are affordable. It even comes with a cute tin! To learn more about Ouchies, you can fan them on facebook!

Disclaimer: I received product sample mentioned above for free. NO other payment was given.
This is my honest opinion, yours may be different.


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