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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Finally Found the Best Baby Bottle!

When I first had my daughter, my biggest frustration was finding the right bottles. When Olivia was born I used Avent bottles. It lasted about one month and I've noticed she was very gassy and spitting up often. I decided to try Dr. Brown and Olivia took it well. It helped with the gas and spitting up. Cleaning the Dr. Brown bottles was a pain because it consist of so many parts but that did not matter. I was happy that it helped my daughter.

When Olivia was about 6 months I heard about BPA and other chemicals in baby bottles and that they are harmful. Since the Dr. Brown was not BPA free, I decided to try a few others that were. However, Olivia did not took them well. I had no choice but to try the Dr. Brown in glass. I was hesitant to try them at first because I was afraid of dropping and breaking them. They were also very heavy. I used them for about a month when Avent came up with BPA free bottles. After breaking a couple bottles, I decided to try Avent again. I wished I never did. They constantly leak! Almost every feeding I have to change my daughter. I wanted to buy new bottles but my husband decided no more buying bottles. Olivia has been through so many bottles and we have wasted so much money. We have learned to handle the leaks. Before giving the bottles to her, we shake it to make sure there is no leak. We learned that closing it too tight or not tight enough can cause to leak.

When I had Emma, I know for sure I was not going to use Avent. I decided to try Born Free bottles. I have been so happy with Born Free since the day I first gave it to my daughter. No leaking whatsoever! It is such a relief feeding her and not to worry for any leaks. Cleaning is very easy also. I wished I used this bottle with Olivia. They are BPA Free plastic bottles and they also have vents to help eliminate colic symptoms. Emma is now almost 3 months and she never had colic problem. Although BornFree bottles are more expensive, I truly believe they are worth it. I know I have not tried all the bottles out there, but I did tried many.


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