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Monday, August 3, 2009

Cheap Johnson's Baby - 16 for $5

I'm really excited this week because Rite Aid is having Johnson's Baby care on sale and they qualify for Rebate #97 (purchase $25.00 get a $5.00 SCR or purchase $50.00 get a $25.00 SCR) I still have a few left from my stockpile but I know it will ran out soon and I have another baby on the way. There are a lot of scenarios out there for the Johnson & Johnson Rebate that are huge money maker. My goal is not to make money from it but instead my goal is to stockpile and pay little or none for the things my family use and need.

SalePrice: 2 for $7
Johnson & Johnson Baby Care Powder 22 oz.
Oil 20 oz.Bath or Lotion 15 oz.
Foaming Wash 9 oz.
Lotion 8 oz.

Deal Scenario

J&J are 2 for $7
buy 8 Johnson's Baby care = 28
- $5 off $25 purchase Print Here
-$8 coupons
= $15

Do above transaction twice!
Use these coupons: (I suggest to print $3 off for 3 so you're not giving too much coupons at the same time)
Pay 30 and get back 25 not free but $5 for 16 Johnson's Baby care(.31 cents each) is a good deal. If you are just starting your baby stockpile this is a great way to start! plus you don't need to buy extra coupons or need extra computer since each coupons can be printed twice! But if you want to make money with the rebate you can buy the following.

Do 2 transactions

10 band aids 2.50 each
-10 ($1 off coupons)

Pay $20 out of pocket and get back $25 so you make $5! That's if you need all that band aids and you have 20 band aids coupons.



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