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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where to Find Cheap Photo Prints

I'm always looking for ways to get good deal on photo prints. When I first had my daughter, her first year I developed thousands of pictures. Just her first few days in the hospital I filled a whole photo album. As a matter of fact, I have an album for each month of her first year. I spent so much money just for pictures. Although I don't regret taking those pictures, because I have those memories to look back to, I do regret paying full price for them. I'm going to share to you what I've learned from my mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I still love to take pictures of my daughter.

I used to only signed up to one photo developing site, which is Kodak Gallery. I never tried any other sites or services. I would get offers from other company, such as Snapfish or Shutterfly, but completely ignored them. Little did I know that was my biggest mistake. If only I knew that Kodak Gallery is actually one of the most expensive picture processing services out there.

One way of getting cheap prints is to sign up not only to one place but to few places. Usually they have monthly promotions of free prints, discounted prints, or free shipping. If you are a member to different site, you are able to participate on all the sales. For example, if this month Snapfish, Shutterfly, and Kodak Gallery are offering 50 prints free, if you are member on all three, instead of getting only 50 prints, you are getting 150 prints free. Another advantage to have multiple membership, is that you are able to participate on SIGN UP promotion, which usually free prints or products.

If you don't have space on your computer for thousands of pictures to store, I suggest to pick one processing place as a primary for storage. Snapfish is a good choice for this, since they offer unlimited storage space with no fees.

These are some of the well known photo developing services out there. I decided to compare each one. Prices are based on first 100 - 4x6 prints with shipping. These are the current prices as of today.

  • 9 cents per 4x6 = $9 for 100 prints
  • shipping price = .99 for first 5 prints and additional .49 cents per set of 10 prints
  • cost per 100 prints with shipping = $14.89
  • actual 4x6 price with shipping = .15 cents each
First time customer get first 20 prints free when you upload to the first time. They guarantee lowest price compare to Kodak Gallery and Shutterfly. I'm currently a member of Snapfish.

  • 15 cents per 4x6 for non gallery premier print plan = $15 for 100
  • 10 cents for gallery premier print plan = $10 for 100 ( $24/yr or 2.49/month)
  • Shipping is free on all order $4.99 and above and $1.50 for orders less than $4.99
  • Actual price for non premier plan = 15 cents each 100 prints
  • Actual price for premier plan = 10 cents each
New customer start with 20 FREE 4 x 6 prints just for joining. The free shipping is actually new to Kodak Gallery. I wish they had free shipping before, I would have saved a lot. I was a member but after not ordering for one year from them, all my pictures got deleted. Not happy.

  • .15 cents per 4x6 = $15 for 100 prints
  • standard shipping = 4.99 (for 100 prints)
  • cost for 100 prints with shipping = 19.99
  • actual price your paying = .20 cents
First time customer gets 25 4x6 free just pay shipping for $2.49. I'm also Shutterly member.

York Photo

  • 8 cents per 4x6 = $8 for 100 prints
  • shipping .49 cents for first 5 then additional .49cents per 10 prints =5.39
  • cost for 100 prints with shipping = 13.39
  • actual price your paying for 100 prints = .13 cents each (THE CHEAPEST DEAL I FOUND)
New customer get 30 prints for free plus plus 20 more prints for 5cents each. Use Coupon Code = 50FORABUCK. So sign up and order your 50 prints for $3.94. I'm not a member yet, but I'm definitely signing up to get 50 prints for $3.94. Also they have a cheapest price per 4x6 prints, even with shipping price.

  • .12 cents per 4x6 = $12 for 100
  • shipping = 5.19
  • cost for 100 prints with shipping $17.19
  • actual cost = .17 cents per print
First time customer gets 100 free 4x6, not including shipping. Just pay 5.19 for 100 prints (that's 5 cents each). The best sign up promo I've seen so far. I recommend to sign up to this site. Just download 100 of your pictures and order them. Even if you don't decide to use the site. You never know they might have good promotional sales in the future. I just recently discovered this site while doing this research. I'm definitely signing up for sure.

  • 1-499 4x6 prints -.15 cents each = $15 for 100
  • shipping (76-100) = 5.99
  • cost for 100 prints with shipping = 20.99
  • actual cost = .21 cents each.
Sign Up and get 50 prints free. Just pay shipping for 2.99. I'm also signing up to PhotoWorks for the sign up bonus of 50 prints free. $2.99 is a good deal.

  • .19 cents each (9cents for member with a $20/year fee)
  • shipping 76-100 prints = 5.99
  • cost for 100 prints with shipping = $19 for non member, 14.99 for members
  • actual cost = 24cents for non member and .15 cents for member.
I'm actually using this as a storage for my pictures since I don't have too much space in my computer. This is my second year using this site. The only reason I signed up to this site is because whatever quality of the picture you upload, you can download the same quality. So it's good for sharing. If my mom wants a picture from my photo album, she can just download it and she can print it on her own. I've also ordered a few times with them since their prices are the same as Snapfish. They also have great album designs that you can choose. You can also download video. They just recently launched a facebook application but I have not tried it yet. If you don't want to pay for the membership fee I recommend using Snapfish to store all your pictures.

  • .19 cents for 4x6 = $19 for 100 prints
  • shipping = 3.99 / store pick up = FREE
  • total cost of the 100 prints and shipping = 22.99
  • actual price per 4x6 = .22 cents / .19cents for store pick up
Get 20 Free Prints when you open an account and 30 more when you add your ExtraCare card number to your account. You will receive an email with a link to activate your free prints. Use the pick up option for free shipping! I already have my 50 prints free!

Walgreens Photo

  • .15cents for store pick up / .12 cents for mail delivery =$15 / $12
  • shipping = 5.89 for 100 prints
  • total cost for mail delivery = 17.89 / $15 for store pick up
  • actual cost per 100 prints = .18cents for home delivery / .15 cents for pick up
Ongoing promotion through July 25 - 50 prints for $5 = Promo Code = SUMMER50
I've also been using walgreens for more than a year now. I've ordered many times with them when they have prints sales.


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