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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A&P Weekly Deals 7/31 - 8/06

Simply Kids Big Pack Diapers Assorted Varieties, 68-104 ct. = 15.99

Simply Kids Baby Wipes Refills Assorted Varieties,400 ct. = 7.99

Earth's Best Stage 2 Baby Food = 8 for $5

New Enfamil Premium Large Size Powders (23.4-25.7 oz.) Infant Formula Powder = $2 OFF

P&G Promo Buy $20 get $7 (see ads for other qualifying products)

Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants 19-23 ct. = 8.99
  • $1.50 off Easy Ups Training Pants
  • = 7.49
Under Jams Youth Pants 13-17 ct.,= 8.99

Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers Baby Dry or Cruisers Diapers, Assorted Sizes, 16-50 ct. = 8.99
  • $1 off Pampers DIAPERS or Pants on ONE(8/02 PG)
  • = 7.99
Kandoo Kids Skin Care 8.4 oz. Assorted Varieties, or 50 ct. Wipes = 2.49

Pampers Baby Wipes Refills Assorted Varieties, 180-231 ct = 5.49

In my experience the $20 is not the sale price but based on regular price. You only need to buy 2 pampers to qualify for the promo since the regular price is more than $10 each for the pampers. This might be a good deal once you know the regular prices of the other qualifying products and if they have a good coupon to match with.

I'll have to find out the regular prices for the diapers and wipes and I'll update this deal.


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