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Thursday, July 23, 2009


UPromise College Dream Sweepstakes

I have been Upromise member for over a year now. But I have not been using it actively until recently. What it does is certain purchases you make earns you or your kids money for college. Just like ebates and other rebates program, you get certain percent of your online purchases. But instead of getting paid, you save it for college or pay for your student loans. But unlike Ebates, Upromise lets you earn money with your groceries, eating from participating restaurants and even filling up your gas. Ebay is also one of their partners. I'm saving 2% when I'm buying my coupons in Ebay.

Upromise also have eCoupons, just like any other coupons you save money by purchasing the product but instead of deducting the amount from your purchase it goes to your Upromise Savings.

These are baby coupons in eCoupons for July. It changes every month.
  • Buy 1 Similac Ready to Feed Infant Formula, save $1.00 for college
  • Buy any package of HUGGIES or HUGGIES Supreme Diapers, save $1.50 for college
Don't forget you can double dip your savings by using the $2 off similac coupon and huggies $1.50 off that just came out last Sunday. Actually triple your saving by sending your receipt to Caregivers Marketplace for a rebate of .75 cents for the huggies.

If you haven't already signed up, I highly recommemd you do. My current saving as of today is $11.24. I know that's not much but 16 years from now when my daughter goes to college it will be worth more.


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