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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Organizing Coupons

There is really no right or wrong on how to organize your coupons. Whatever works and easier for you. I used to buy 2 newspapers before when I first started. Every Sunday morning I buy my newspaper, take out the coupons and cut each one. Four months later my coupon binder was getting too full and heavier. It was getting time consuming looking for the coupons I need. So now I organized my coupons by inserts. I label each one by week. There are sites out there that helps you find coupons easier by providing you which inserts it came from and what date. Here are my Favorite Sites that really helps me.

The coupon clippers - you can also order coupons here. I use it once in a while to order coupons that I need but don't need more 5 of it. Otherwise if I want to order a lot, you are better off buying it in ebay.

SlickDeals - I luv this site. It keeps you up to date on all the sales, groceries, rite aid, cvs, and walgreens, and many more. It's a little confusing and time consuming reading all the posts. But it's worth it. I get most of my good deals from here.

CouponMom - Another favorite of mine. Helps you find good deals, printable coupons. Tells you what's on sale in CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Walmart and even groceries. I only wish they have A&P. But they do have Shoprite and Pathmark.


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