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Friday, July 24, 2009

My Total Cost of Diapers Spent

TOTAL SPENT : $25.43 (15 diapers)

Since I'm tracking the cost of formula spent for the new baby, I'm also going to keep track on how much diapers I'm spending. This month is actually the first month I started stockpiling for diapers for the new baby.

It's a little tricky to calculate this month expenses since I did the Rite Aid promotion for Huggies. I had to do a few transactions and I bought other things to get a better deal on huggies. So I'm just going to give you estimate cost for this month.

I bought 5 huggies jumbo pack and 1 tube of balmex = 61.74 (did 2 transactions)
Minus coupons used =18.50
I'll get back $ 25 gift card and free jumbo pack of diaper worth 11.49
=$18.24 or $3.04 per diaper.

Since I'm getting 6 Huggies Jumbo total with the free voucher of Huggies, I'll get back $5.50 for rebate from Caregivers Marketplace (for 6 huggies and 1 balmex).

TOTAL COST = $12.74 for 6 Diapers!!!!!! ($2.12/diaper)

Who could resist that deal! So I asked my mother in law to use her address to do another transaction. I know I'm not suppose to. This is the first and last time I will use her address. I also took advantage of the J&J promotion buy 50 and get back $25 GC and the free gift bag samples.

Items bought: did 6 transactions

5 jumbo huggies
1 size 4 pampers
4 banana boat sunblock sprays
3 aveeno 2.5oz lotion
2 aveeno body wash 12 oz
5 listerine 500 ml
1 oral B power toothbrush
1 children's tylenol

Total paid out of pocket : $ 88.11

But I will get back:

2 $25 Gift Cards
Gift Bag Samples
$6 Single Check Rebate ( $2 for pampers, $4 for oral B)
1 voucher of free huggies diaper
$4.50 Caregivers Marketplace.

= $60.50 Cash Back

Actual Cost of all items are = 27.61

It's little complicated how I'm going to calculate actual diaper spent since I bought other things aside from diapers. So to make it easier I'm going to count per item cost.

23 items = 1.20 each (I'm counting the free huggies as 23rd item)

= $7.20 (6 huggies)

I also bought pampers swaddlers in CVS with last week sale = after coupons and the money maker transaction that I purchased paid = 1.99 for Jumbo size 1

I also bought last week 2 huggies jumbo and 5 wipes in A&P = paid $27 but got back $20 Baby Bucks. I normally would not buy the huggies because it wasn't on sale (I did used a coupon) but I wanted to make sure I will get the Baby Bucks before it expires. (they don't roll over). Besides those baby bucks I got it from buying wipes and paying very little or free.

Wipes = 2.50 (.50 cents each)
2 Huggies = $5
I'll get back 1.50 from Caregivers Marketplace
= 3.50 for 2 packs

TOTAL SPENT : $25.43 (15 diapers)


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