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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Luvs Diapers

I never concidered using luvs diapers before until BJ's Wholesale Club sent me coupon booklet which includes $5 off Luvs diapers. Theses are the large box. The regular price is 29.99 minus 5 dollars = 24.99 for size 4, 180 counts. If you calculate the price per diaper its about .14 cents each. That's a pretty good deal if you compare it to huggies or pampers. Their regular price for jumbo pack is 11.49 for 31 cts. You're paying .37 cents each diaper for regular price. You really have to wait for huggies and pampers to go on sale for about $4.50 for a size 4 to get that same deal, and that doesnt go often. In BJs on the other hand they give you the booklet once a month.

Even better the luvs size 1 comes with 264 counts. That's only .09cents each diaper!! Luvs Diapers are really not that bad. I have no problem with it. Once in a while it leaks, if I don't change my daughter right away first thing in the morning. But it also happends to huggies and pampers. For the price I can't complain.

When I try to stock-up on diapers, such as huggies and pampers, I try to compare to Luvs price. Meaning I will not stock up on size 1 diaper if its more that 9 cents each or for size 4, no more than .14 cents each.

Just FYI BJ's price is the lowest price I've seen, even without coupon.

Diapers.com - $35.99
Amazon.com - $35.99


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