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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Budgeting Baby Expenses

Now that my daughter no longer uses formula, our baby expenses has become more manageable. I Remembered spending 80 to 100 dollars a week. Now that she's two, no longer uses formula and baby food our budget for her expenses is 50 dollars a month. That's including stocking up on getting good deals on baby things. Of course, that's not including clothes.

Since I'm expecting another child we've increased our budget to 80 dollars a month for stocking up for the new baby. I'm 6 months pregnant so I'm almost there.

Here's my stockpile inventory for the new baby. I just recently started so I still have a long way to go. Plus I'm stocking and using some of them at the same time for my 2 years old. I don't stock up on formula, not just yet. I'm hoping to breastfeed this time. I hope I'll be successful. I did signed up for formula coupons for enfamil, goodstart, and similac, just incase. They send you money saving coupons.


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